December 18, 2015


SquareComm is a mobile application, currently supported on Apple’s IOS platform: ┬áiPhone and iPad; that provides real-time, mobile access to WordPress based eCommerce sites.

SquareComm is a mobile client providing the ability to query and update your WordPress site in real-time without downloading and syncing your entire database. Your data is kept in place on its server and SquareComm issues simple HTTP REST API commands to access your products and data in place.

SquareComm works in conjunction with eCommerce REST API’s (WooCommerce) as well as the SquareComm REST API which handle all of the server side database transactions to keep your database in sync in real time. The WooCommerce API is installed automatically when you install the WooCommerce plugin on your site. In order to use the SquareComm REST API you will have to install the SquareComm plugin and activate it.

Since SquareComm works in real time, there is no need to do batch downloads from and updates to your eCommerce database in order to keep both client and server in sync.

The supported server platform configuration is the LAMP stack (ie. Linux, Apache, MySQL/MariaDB, PHP). You will also need to have the WooCommerce plugin or the SquareComm plugin installed and activated to serve the required REST API service to the app.

Currently, only the two eCommerce plugins: WooCommerce and SquareComm; have been tested. In the future, other eCommerce site plugins could become available and supported.